How can I receive resumes?

Resumes can be received two different ways: 

  1. via email 
  2. via applicant tracking system

Via Email 

If opting to receive resumes via email, applications will be sent directly to the inbox of the email address listed as the "Application Email" on the job posting. 

Employers can request resumes to be sent as an attachment, in the body of the email, or both.

You can also select your preference to have resumes delivered as a PDF doc or a Word doc by stating this in the Application Instructions i.e. Please send resumes in PDF format. Our system will automatically enable this when reviewing the job. 

Via Applicant Tracking System

If you are referring candidates to apply via your website or ATS, the resumes will come in however your system specifies. 

When selecting to have applicants apply directly on your website or ATS, please first submit the job. Then you will be prompted to upgrade the posting. 

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