Are there any restrictions on the type of jobs or internships I can post?

There are certain restrictions on the type of jobs that are listed on EntertainmentCareers.Net. EntertainmentCareers.Net reserves the exclusive right to reject or remove any posting that we feel does not fit the standards of our website.  We are there to help you find great candidates and to help job seekers find legit opportunities.  We manually screen each posting and each employer to protect both the job seekers and the companies that post with us. If you are unsure whether or not your company qualifies, please reach out and ask.

Our focus
In the big picture, the jobs or internships must be within the entertainment, broadcast or digital media industries or require the skills associated with them.  While not an inclusive list, typical companies include studios, cable & OTT networks, production companies, record labels, TV and radio stations, recording studios. advertising or marketing agencies, talent agents, management companies, companies focusing on digital publishing, post-production, entertainment law, Visual FX, Digital media, live events, AR/VR etc. 

What we do not allow:


  • Talent Scouts or companies who employ talent scouts.
  • Any company associated with advance fee talent services.
  • Any postings from web-based business whose core business is artist promotion.
  • Any posting that is associated with a modeling school or a for-profit acting school.
  • Unpaid modeling jobs.
  • Postings seeking representation for yourself or your project.
  • Postings seeking financing for your project.
  • Any posting that requires payment to register for the job application.


  • Internships that include any selling of any kind.
  • Unpaid/Intern blogging, writing or otherwise free content generators.
  • While we do allow posting for both paid and unpaid internships, if you are submitting a paid internship posting, we require that you disclose the hourly rate that is at or above the local minum wage.

Also, we will not post listings requiring a photograph to be submitted unless it is specifically for an on-camera position.

Respecting the time of the Jobseekers

Delete Report - We do not allow serially posting the same job over and over.  If you delete and repost we will tell you that we don't allow it.  If you keep doing it you will probably end up here.  Please understand that we value the time of the job seekers and we do not want them wasting their time with seeing the same job posted over and over and possibly having them apply to a job they already have applied to.  We allow you to update your posting anytime, so if you have a posting on the site, please edit it vs deleting and reposting.  

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