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This is our EntertainmentCareers.Net legit reporting on job scams.  Please read these real life scams so you can see how this looks and what to look out for.

*SCAM ALERT* - Note there is a 100% legit Brian A. Bernhard out there but this is not him.
*Updated* - We have the email chain below... (A huge thank you to the person willing to share their emails)
We received a report of this same scam resurfacing - it starts as a random email from a job that you have never applied to asking for your availability - (RED FLAG) - The common thread is that people applied to jobs on craigslist but if you got this as a result from a different website, please let us know.
This appears to be a check cashing scam whereby you are hired then sent a series of checks to cash then send them back the money - yes it sounds so obvious but people fall for it all the time.
As always, take a look and you can see the issues. We don't want to dissect the email to give the scammers better ways to do this but if you read it carefully you can see the problems.  Ronin principle, "When there is doubt, there is no doubt."  If it seems too good to be true it is.  If you guys ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.  We have a security system in place to screen all the postings so we have become experts in spotting them.  When in doubt, reach out.  
Introductory Email....
About Me;
Brian Bernhard is a digital digital media strategist, Moving Picture Producer, Video Editor, Photographer, VIdeographer, Video Artist, Interactive Designer & Illustrator. Also i specialize in landscape and night-sky photography, motion-controlled time-lapse, and creative dSLR film-making. I also hold private and group workshops and classes, as I love to teach other people how to achieve their creative photographic vision.

I really feel I need some assistance at this time that's why I need someone who can work with me hand in hand throughout the production period. We are presently working on a short film which I'm directing the production aspect, although work hasn't commenced and we should start working on the film in next 20 days.

As a Production Assistant at Brian Bernhard video Productions Company,you will work closely with me throughout the production process, Your duties basically would be ;

1.Post-Production-Editing,digital effects,narration and voice over talent auditioning,casting and directing,audio and music selection and directing,troubleshooting.

2.Production budgeting and scheduling,location scouting and shot selection,talent auditions and casting.

3.Crew hiring,Production-Directing talent and crew.
4.Final media com-positing and production.

5.Managing extras in a scene, or locking down the set to make sure no pedestrians unwittingly amble into the frame, ruining the shot.

6.Writing coverage on scripts,drafting letters,making phone calls,running an office,interviewing personnel,coordinating the fund raising process,assisting with duties on and off set.

7.Delivery of completed media to client.

8.Liaising between myself and the post production team.

9.Taking care of Financial activities.

10.helping load and unload the dozens of lights, stands, and apple boxes it takes to pull off each shot.

11.Maintaining contemporary technical skills.

12.Organizing shooting schedules - dependent on the type of producer and availability of support staff.


Before our HR department reviewed your resume and gave their report I decided to consider you among the three applicants that will be on probation before i finally pick the right person as the Assistant to carry out some activities on my need to be very honest because sometimes my personal or corporate items such as financial instruments or non financial items can be with you. In conclusion I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well and with good understanding and i believe you posses those qualities.I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here i want to see how you will demonstrate your skills and how exceptional you are and how efficient and on time you will be. I will need you to perform a couple of tasks for me during this week, which are part of basic duties you will be performing when fully employed by me. Successful completion of the trial period qualifies you for an interview and temporary weekly wage for the trial period will be Five Hundred Dollars/weekly.

Available Position: Production Assistant
Type: Part-Time
Hours: 9 Hours per week
Days: 3 days per week
Weekly Pay: $610

• AD & D Insurance
• 401(k)
• Medical, Dental, Vision

Willing to take this job position, reconfirm your information. I will have my financial adviser have payment for these purchases and tasks, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If you want to sign up for this, Kindly provide the details below ...

Your Full name ;

Mailing Address ;

City, State, Zip Code :

Mobile Phone Number :

Two Work or Personal References ;

Best Regards,
Brian Bernhard.
Follow up email #1

Thank you for the reply and willingness to work with me and also for the wealth of information you have given about yourself. You will be starting the trial tasks next week and I am putting things in place for everything to work well . I will get back to you shortly with important updates.

- Picking up of paperwork.

 - You will be handling a donation to a charity organization which I am a Primary Donor.The details of this will be highlighted in my subsequent emails to you. You will also be sent upfront,your weekly payment  which will be mailed to your address on file along with the donation to  handle and a more detailed specification of duties for the  week will be sent to you as soon as possible.

 I have been in touch with my associate and I have arranged payment to carry out the tasks stated in the job description to be mailed to you and will be expedited to arrive in the next business day. These tasks have to be done on time and in the best way possible.

Thank you so much for your time. Kindly make sure you check your email daily at least twice to three times in a day for regular updates.

A simple reply to my e-mail is greatly appreciated so that I'll know it was received.

Follow up Email #2
Hello xxxxx,

This email is to notify you about the payment which is to be delivered to your residence today  via USPS.   This is will be one of numerous task to be completed between today and next 10 days.  Please follow all instructions as detailed below so as to get this completed ASAP.

1.Kindly proceed and have the check deposited via ATM, Bank or Mobile deposit, Funds will be available for withdrawal  immediately or 24hrs after it has been deposited. I will be waiting for a confirmation message once it has been deposited and state clearly when your bank indicates the funds would be available for withdrawal.  Send me a scan or snap copy of the deposit slip issued to you at the bank via email, after you have deposited the check for record purposes. You are too black out your account number on the deposit slip before it's sent over to me.

2.Once you have cashed the financial instrument I need you to do the following:

a.Deduct $250 which is part payment of your temporary weekly payment.

b.Send the remaining funds to Save the Children ( INDIANA ).You need to complete the transaction ASAP because the funds is meant to finance Charity project which is focusing on AIDS prevention and care for HIV infected children.The money should be transferred via Money Gram (money in minutes) at any Money Gram agent location near you and  Below is the information of the recipient.






ZIP CODE: 46319

Get back with the information below once the task has been completed.

a : Name and Address of Sender
b : Money-gram Reference Number
c : Total Amount Sent

A simple response to my e-mail is greatly appreciated so that I'll know it was received and to confirm you understand all instructions.

Many Thanks,
Brain Bernhard.
Follow up email #3
Hello xxxx,

          How are you doing i hope everything is fine..I was confirm
from USPS postal service that the check of $1,932.00 has delivered to
your door step mail box and kindly confirm it and get back to me now
and you can deposited it through your bank atm machine or online
mobile deposit and get back to me with the deposited confirmation and
when the funds will be available to proceed with your first tasks
assignment asap.

I will be looking forward to read from you now.
Update: August 17, 2016
We have seen a new variant of this SCAM using the name ' Ted Weinbaum'
You can see a derivative of this scam here.  The good folks at Red Line Studios published their experience with this scam to help warn other people.  The extra crappy thing about this scam is that they use legit company names and people's names who are in the industry so not only are they trying to scam people out of money but good people and their company name gets caught up in this scam.
If you get an email like this or any shady sounding email, please let us know so we can help warn others.
Take a looks at our Top 5 Ways to spot a scam article.
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