Job & Internship Title Guidelines

In order to make the site as useful as possible for job seekers and employers, we follow a naming convention for job and internship titles on the site. 

Jobs Titles

Job Title should only include a standard job title only (without any type of qualifiers or quantifiers). 

OK: Assistant to Director

Not Allowed: Part-time Assistant to A-List Director Needed ASAP!!

Internship Titles

We name internships as "Intern - area of functionality" or "Intern - area they will be working in or learning about", i.e. 

Fall Intern - Talent Agency

Fall Intern - Office Admin

Summer Intern - Social Media

Spring Intern  - Film Production

Winter Intern  - Development

Intern to Writer

Seasonal internships  - If you are recruiting for the future vs an immediate hire, please add the season that you are recruiting for i.e. Summer Intern - Film TV Development

Paid vs Unpaid  - If an internship is Paid (minimum wage required), it will automatically have the Paid, prefix added i.e. Paid Intern - Music Management

Although internships can be paid or unpaid, note that over 50% of the internships on the site and in the industry these days are paid internships and paid internships get the highest application rates.  

If this is for an unpaid indie project, click here for clarification between an internship and a low/deferred/unpaid crew position. 

If you have any questions at all, please Reach out with any questions
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