How do I get crew for my indie project?

Our goal is to help you find the best possible people for your project.  Here are our guidelines and tips for getting crew for your indie project.

Hot Tip:
In order to attract the best candidates possible (especially if the pay is lower or non-existant), in our experience the more information you give about the project and more importantly the filmmakers, the better the candidates you will get.

At a minimum, please include the start and end dates of the project (even if rough), the project type i.e. short film, web series, spec pilot etc. and any required shooting hours especially if shooting something on nights and/or weekends.  

The more information you give as far as the time commitment required you will get people applying that can commit to your timeline.

  • If you are looking for low/no pay or deferred pay crew for your project, for the purpose of our site, we do not list unpaid/low/deferred crew positions as "internships" unless specifically characterized as a learning experience or you are expecting zero experience. 
  • If you are hiring a producer, cinematographer, writer, crew, assistant etc. for an unpaid/low/deferred project, post these as "Freelance jobs" and in the salary section let them know if this is for credit only or what the compensation, is if any.
Internship - Our internship category is primarily to find students or recent grads that are looking for an internship experience.  These people typically have little to no experience and are not able to work full time. An internship cannot require years of experience.  Low/no/deferred crew - Our Low/no/deferred crew category is for trying to find someone that does have experience and they are looking for a bump in job title to build out their resume.  They are typically able to work full or part-time on your project

Noting the above, if you are looking for department interns for your project this will be a good internship position.  If you are looking for an "intern gaffer" or "intern producer" simply because they are not being paid doesn't make it an internship and ultimately you will not find what you are looking for.

Job Title Examples:  Position - Type of project i.e.

Production Assistant - Short Film
Cinematographer - Web Series
Editor - Spec Commercial
Associate Producer - Indie Feature

Internship Title Examples:

Intern - Film Production
Intern - Short Film
Intern - Camera Department
Intern to Director

Not Acceptable:

Intern - Production Assistant (or any standard job title). 

In this case, we would list the job title as "Production Assistant" (or any standard job title) in the low/no/deferred category

If you have already submitted the posting and it is categorized as an internship, please email us and we will change it to the job category.

If you have any questions at all, please Contact Us
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