Help! I am not getting any responses from employers

With a few exceptions, employers will not contact you unless they want to schedule an interview.  Very few employers will even acknowledge the acceptance of a resume.
Apply for jobs that match your skills and experience: If you are getting zero nibbles on your resume we have a few pieces of advice.  Only apply for jobs that you are currently qualified for. This may seem obvious but 85% of resumes being submitted are not a good fit for what the employer is looking for.  "I could totally do that job" isn't going to be enough, you need to be able to prove it with that resume. If your experience does not match what the employer requires in the posting, these days especially, you will be wasting your time applying for jobs that are above or below (see the dangers of being "overqualified") your experience level.  The job market the way it is, employers are getting the pick of the litter so to speak and people that are do not meet the minimum qualifications will not get any consideration.
Retool your resume:If you are applying for jobs that match your experience and you are not having success, a good long look at the resume is in order.  We recommend that you get 3 working professionals to give you feedback on your resume. Relatives and friends aren't always the best critics as they know you and may not give you the tough love that your resume needs.  Find someone that will judge your resume at face value.  In our experience, a solid resume with skills and a work history to back it will always get the attention of an employer.

While there are many unique situations, there are a lot of common issues why employers may not consider you as a candidate for the positions you are applying to. Take a look these videos to see if any of these apply to you. We would love your feedback and please let us know your situation so we can better help.

Playlist - Why am I not getting interviews

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