7 day career training schedule

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    Here is your 7-day to-do list - If you have any questions, please reach out.

  1. Write 3 thank you notes/emails
    1. Yes the one you wrote to me counts as one
    2. A thank you note to a mentor, a teacher, or whoever is a good way to build or reinforce your network.  With all that is going on right now, a nice note would be well received and it will always stick in someone's head.
  2. Find 5 jobs you want in the next 2 years
    1. Find 5 jobs that you would like to get within the next 2 years and study the job requirements.
    2. This helps us build a “to-do” list of the skills we will need to get them.  They may be skills that we have that we need to sharpen or skills that we don't have at all.
    3. We want to start on this skill set right now
  3. Find 5 jobs you want 5-10 years from now
    1. Same as above, this will tell you skills we will want in the future and that goes on our to-do list for down the road but this is a great list to have in our heads when we get a chance to talk to mentors.
  4. Work on your - “So tell me about yourself”
    1. This one is tough but like anything, you will get better at it the more you practice.
    2. This will primarily include 
      1. a little bit of a back story; where/how you grew up, what influenced you to head in this direction, noting any inspirational people or mentors, what you have worked on, a note about your work ethic, challenges, and successes 
      2. What you are up to right now - school, work, projects etc
      3. What you are looking to do in the future - remember specificity helps
  5. Build a list of 3 people that you would want to speak to
    1. It is a good habit to have a list of people or people in a specific position that you would want to be able to spend 30 minutes with.  Why? If you do connect with a mentor or anyone that is super impressed with your “so tell me about yourself” and they ask you the question “How can I help you?” you have something to talk about and you are always looking to increase your network.  Giving someone a specific goal tells them you are prepared and motivated.
  6. Build your checklist for finding and keeping a mentor and building/maintaining your network
    1. How do you reach out, what do you say, how to follow up
    2. Cultivating a mentor is on you - it will happen or not happen based on your ability to connect and follow up
    3. Reaching out - Create a list of “prospects” and how you intend to reach out to them.
    4. What do you say - work on this now so that when you have the opportunity to connect with someone you pull up your email, make some changes and hit send.
    5. How do you follow up - Remember, we make 3 reach outs before we even think of giving up. 
      1. For a first reach out, if we don't hear back, follow up 7-10 business days later and if we don't hear back after that give it another 2 weeks.
      2. For a follow-up - If you connect with someone build your reminder system to remember when to reach back out to them - build a system and you will never forget
      3. A great tip is to use google news to build alerts for the people that you connect with so you can reach back out and say - “Hey Brad - I saw your quote in that Hollywood Reporter article.  Congratulations.”  It is the small little things like that that will make you stick out in people’s heads.
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