Job Skills - What is Muck Rack?

What is Muck Rack?

For those looking to get into PR, you will see "Muck Rack" as a hard skill requirement or desired skill.

Muck Rack is a media database and monitoring tool that helps journalists and PR professionals find and pitch to journalists and publications. It is a platform that allows users to search for journalists by their name, outlet, or topic, and provides information about their recent articles, social media profiles, and contact information. Muck Rack also provides tools for tracking and analyzing media coverage, monitoring social media, and measuring the impact of PR campaigns.
Muck Rack is used by a wide range of professionals in the media industry, including journalists, PR professionals, marketing and advertising agencies, and corporate communication teams. It provides a centralized platform for media research, outreach, and analysis, making it easier for users to find relevant journalists and publications, pitch their stories, and track their results. Muck Rack also offers features such as media lists, customized alerts, and analytics dashboards to help users streamline their workflow and improve their results.

How Can I Learn Muck Rack?

Muck Rack offers a knowledge base on their website that includes articles, videos, and resources to help users get started and learn more about using the platform. Here are some resources that may be helpful:

  1. Getting started guide: Muck Rack provides a step-by-step guide to help new users set up their account and start using the platform.
  2. Tutorials and videos: The knowledge base includes a variety of tutorials and videos that cover different aspects of using Muck Rack, such as searching for journalists, creating media lists, and tracking coverage.
  3. Blog: Muck Rack's blog includes articles and tips from industry experts on topics related to media relations, PR, and journalism.
  4. Webinars: Muck Rack regularly hosts webinars on topics related to media relations and PR, which are available on their website.
  5. Support center: Muck Rack's support center includes answers to frequently asked questions and contact information for their support team.
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