Can a Non US citizen apply to jobs in the US?

There are limitations for non-residents applying to jobs in the US as 99.99% of employers will not consider an applicant that does not already have the legal right to do so. Technically, you can apply to whatever job you want on the site, but we want to make sure people know the reality of the situation. For most of the US jobs on our site, there is such an oversupply of labor for this industry that really only handful of jobs that we deal with each year will go to foreign applicants. We don't want to burst peoples bubbles, but we also don't want to do people a disservice by letting them think that applying is a good use of time.

Unfortunately, most work visas go to highly technical workers. The cost, time and low likelihood of success of getting one really prohibits this as an option for most employers. In this industry, there is simply an oversupply of domestic labor already.
Again, we don't want to burst bubbles, but we want to educate people on the challenges.
We always recommend targeting US companies with operations in Canada, as it would make a future transfer and visa more possible. There are also other ways via immigration attorneys etc. but that is expensive. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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