Entry- Level Resume Tips: The most valuable skills entertainment employers are looking for

The most valuable skills entertainment employers are looking for in entry-level workers on a resume varies based on the type of position a candidate is applying for but there are some general skills that apply to most postings.

Most entry-level jobs are supportive in nature, and the ability to manage someone else’s email communication, phone calls, and schedule is a common skill set desired by most employers. Employers are also looking for writing skills and professional communication. This is another reason why how you write your resume and cover letter are so important. If the employer mentions any specific software or applications you have experience with, make sure they are reflected on your resume, ideally within the bullet points of your previous work history, or alternatively in the skills section. For more information on the skills section of your resume, check out our resume skills video.

Keep in mind, that employers are always looking for your ability to follow instructions and your attention to detail, so a resume with typos or poor formatting raises concerns, while a resume that’s easy to follow and highlights desirable skills translates well into most entry-level job requirements.

For more information on what skills to include on your resume, check out our website and extended video on resume tips and tricks on our YouTube channel, linked below. 

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