Job Searching in an Industry Slowdown

We are sharing our top suggestions for job hunting during an industry slowdown. Right now there are more people going after fewer jobs, so we must adjust our strategy. 

Here are our top suggestions:

Focus on your value proposition - In times like this, you go for those jobs that you can get vs the reach or dream job.  With a saturated talent pool, employers can and will get the pick of the litter so however you are most employable, focus on that for the best success.

The overqualified rule changes - In good times, we always discourage applying to jobs that you are clearly overqualified for.  In a slowed job market, that rule changes a bit as more employers will hire someone who is more qualified than what the job requires.

Retool the resume - Take a second or third look at your resume as anything other than a great resume won't lead to interviews.  We always recommend getting feedback from 3 people when making a big resume change, and we would be happy to be one of them. Please also take a look at our videos on best resume practices linked at the end of this video.

Peer-based networking - Keep in touch with your network in an authentic way. Understand that everyone who has a job will likely be hit up by their peers, so take the approach of connecting with people and learning about them and their career.

Be realistic about what your network will produce - your network may not yield job leads, but it could lead to someone on the inside looking out for you.  When you find a job that you are a great fit for, apply, then reach out to find a friend or friend of a friend who can vouch for you.

On our end, we will continue to find any employers that are actively hiring and provide resources for you.  If we can help in any way, please let us know, and don’t hesitate to reach out.

For more information on application dos and don’ts, check out our website and extended video on resume tips and tricks on our YouTube channel, linked below.

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