Resume Tips: Where do I put my education?

When it comes to listing education on your resume, we know a lot of questions come up -- what if I graduated a while ago, how important is education on a resume, and where do I list it?

If you have a degree or a certification, we always recommend listing your education on your resume, but where your education history should be placed within the resume, differs if you are a recent graduate or if you’re a seasoned professional.

Unless you are a recent graduate with very little work experience, we always recommend putting your education on the bottom of your resume.

In our industry, skills and experience are generally valued over where you went to school. Most employers are simply checking whether your education history exists.

If you recently graduated or are looking for your first job, this is the only time we recommend putting your education at the top of the resume to alert the employer you’re new to the workforce, but once you get that first job, your work experience will sell you the best, and your education should be moved to the bottom of your resume.

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