A note from us - the strike

We appreciate that this is an unsettling time and losing a job or the thought of losing a job can be very anxiety-provoking.   We are here to help you in any way we can. With over 20 years in business, we have seen three major worldwide economic crises, two major production shutdowns, and of course a pandemic. This, too, will see a resolution, although not as quickly as anyone would like.

Because of our historical data and our first-hand experience, we are meeting with our partners to share the trends in an effort to help predict who will be most affected and how best to lend assistance. Our goal in this collaboration is to explore what resources we can offer to help you and our partners get through this tough period.

The entertainment industry has a long history of facing challenges and bouncing back with a, "the show must go on attitude."

What we are doing:

While long-format production jobs have taken a hit, the overall larger industry has remained fairly stable, and at last check, we had over 2000 jobs on the site.  We are doubling down on our content creation jobs and we are going deeper into live event production to find more jobs that match people with a production background.  

As you have read, indie films are getting waivers to go into production and commercial production and unscripted is unaffected as well.

Financial Aid:

  • Entertainment Community Fund - Emergency Financial Assistance - The Entertainment Community Fund’s emergency financial assistance program offers emergency financial assistance to workers who are unable to pay their basic living expenses. This includes housing, food, utility bills, and healthcare.  I am proud to say that I have been on an advisory board for the Entertainment Community Fund for the last 7 years and the care that they take care of our community is second to none.  Similarly during covid, they are managing several relief funds and each has different eligibility requirements so head on over to see what assistance you may be eligible for.  
  • Motion Picture & Television Fund - Among other things, the fund offers grants to anyone working in the entertainment industry who falls on hard times.  To apply, call the fund at (323) 634-3888 or toll-free at (855) 760-6783, or email info@mptf.com.


When we go through unemployment, beyond the financial duress that it causes, it can challenge our sense of purpose.  If you have the means we really encourage volunteering during times like this.  I know it may sound crazy but in the lowest parts of my life, the way out for me was helping other people.

  • Motion Picture & Television Fund - One of the many reasons we love MPTF is that it is very much a volunteer led organization. They have one of the best volunteer gigs out there, The Daily Call Sheet which is reaching out to people in the community with Care Calls, and Angel Cards help to reduce social isolation. Here are some of their volunteer opportunities:
    •  Campus Volunteers are the heart and soul of campus life by enriching the quality of activities and programs
    • Friendly Visitors provide conversation and companionship on campus and in the community
    • MPTF Studios brings volunteers of all ages together with residents to collaborate and learn from each other while working on original content and productions
    • Junior Volunteers contribute to daily life on campus
    • Administrative and Mail Delivery Volunteers are critical for daily operations
    • Volunteer Led Workshops are where you can shine by sharing a passion
    • Daily Call Sheet, Care Calls, and Angel Cards help to reduce social isolation
    • Wellness Volunteers help in the gym and pool with support and encouragement
    • Shoppers are of help on campus and in the community
    • Grocery Delivery / Holiday Helpers deliver food from our campus to industry members in need
    • Tech Tutors bridge the digital divide by providing assistance with email and devices
  • Manifest Works - Led by Dan Seaver, it is an amazing organization helping those impacted by foster care, homelessness and incarceration with job opportunities and provides ongoing life and professional skills to support long-term success.  While they primarily focus on Commercial Production, They are always looking for industry professionals to help with their amazing program on Saturday mornings.   I had the great pleasure of volunteering for a few hours on Saturday to help their incoming cohort group work on their networking skills. 
  • Entertainment Community Fund - Volunteering
  • SAGAFTRA Foundation - Volunteering
  • Young Story Tellers - Young Storytellers equips young people to be the driving force of their own narratives.

We will add more resources as we can, if you have any resources we can share, please reach out to us at suppor@entertainmentcareers.net

Let us know how we can help you.  We can host any number of virtual workshops so please us know what you may find helpful through this period.  We are working on some ideas to help support the community but we would love to hear from you too.

You are not alone, we will all get through this together.  

Brad Hall
Founder, EntertainmentCareers.Net

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