What are Some Top Entry Level Jobs in The Entertainment Industry?

  1. Production assistant: Production assistants (PAs) are responsible for supporting the production crew on film and television sets. Their duties can include setting up equipment, running errands, managing crowds, and helping with various aspects of production.
  2. Runner: Runners are responsible for performing various tasks on sets or in production offices, such as making coffee, delivering packages, and running errands.
  3. Receptionist: Receptionists are responsible for answering phones, greeting visitors, and managing general office tasks.
  4. Talent agent assistant: Talent agent assistants are responsible for supporting talent agents in booking auditions and jobs for actors, models, and other performers.
  5. Script reader: Script readers review and evaluate scripts and write coverage for film and television productions, providing feedback to writers, producers, and other industry professionals.
  6. Post-production assistant: Post-production assistants are responsible for supporting the post-production team on film and television projects. Their duties can include organizing footage, logging tapes, and assisting with editing and sound mixing.
  7. Social media coordinator: Social media coordinators are responsible for managing and creating content for social media platforms for production companies, networks, and talent agencies.
  8. Production accountant assistant: Production accountant assistants are responsible for supporting the production accounting team, managing financial records, and handling invoices and expenses.

Overall, entry-level jobs in the entertainment industry require hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. These roles can provide valuable experience and opportunities to network and advance in the industry.

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