International Applicants: Jobs and Internships

International Applicants: Jobs and Internships

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This is the Full interview with Elke Osadnik, Director of Stateside Careers (a US Business & Immigration Coaching Service), answering many of the common International applicant questions regarding obtaining a job or internship in the US. She discusses the various Visas, when to reach out to an attorney, the ins and outs of sponsorship, and what is required to work in the US.

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1:14 Background on Stateside Careers and what services Elke offers. 4:17 Advice for International Students applying to US Internships 9:01 How does the process of applying for a job in the US differ for an International applicant? 13:27 Types of Visas required to work or intern in the US 16:38 What are the most common questions International applicants ask? 19:58 How does the process differ for international creatives (actors, musicians, etc.) 23:41 How have International job seekers been impacted by COVID? 28:15 What are some misconceptions about visa sponsorship? 31:39 What is the general cost for the visa application process/attorney fees? 35:06 What is the general cost of "sponsorship"? 37:34 Artist Visas vs. Corporate Visas 39:06 Best advice and best starting point for International applicants 40:56 What can International applicants do to make themselves stand out or give them an advantage? 42:53 How difficult is it to obtain a job or Internship in the US as an International applicant? 43:52 Best way to contact Elke

Stateside Careers (a subsidiary of STATESIDE MANAGEMENT LLC) is a US Business & Immigration Coaching Service.

Contact Info: Elke Osadnik

Company Bio: Stateside Careers specializes in providing Artists and Business Professionals with tailored US visa, career coaching & business management support & action-plans. This support enables clients to move their career(s) to the US within expedited time frames by better understanding, and working purely in accordance with strict US visa criteria.

Whether clients wish to steer their careers to the US within 6 months, 1 year, or 5+ years, at Stateside Careers we focus specifically on the following US visas: O-1B, E-3 (Australian Nationals only), H1B, and EB1A (Green Card).

Stateside Careers works closely with some of the most highly respected, experienced and successful US Immigration Attorneys, we are not a law firm and will not offer "legal advice" to our clients. We work very closely with our clients in order to provide a tailored career plan that is in line with the most up-to-date and intricate visa criteria. This in turn also empowers our clients to be prepared to adjust effectively to the US market and assimilate with greater ease.

For those clients who are already 'ready' to pursue legal support, Stateside Careers offers very specific coaching on precisely how to research and select a suitable Attorney/Law Firm, and will also provide clients with tailored relocation & 'culture assimilation' support, when required.

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