Internship Posting Best Practices

Internship Posting Best Practices

A quick guide to get your internship posting the best results possible

In order for internship applicants to better understand whether they can commit to the internship, please include the following:

  • A clear start and end, i.e. Oct. 1, 2021 - December 15, 2022 (even if rough estimate like Summer, Fall, Winter etc). -
    Note: unpaid internships should be no longer than 3-4 months in length (unless specified as the length of a school term, i.e. semester) but shorter-term internships or micro internships are OK too.
  • An outlined time commitment, i.e. 8 hrs/week, 2 days/week, etc. 
  • (Covid Specific) Workplace location requirements i.e. is this 100% remote or will they need to be local to come into an office.

These specifications allow intern-seekers to assess whether the internship will fit into their schedule or class schedule.
An unpaid internship cannot be required to acquire a future paid position at the company. 

Although internships can be paid or unpaid, note that over 50% of the internships on the site and in the industry these days are paid internships and paid internships get the highest application rates.  

Internship Title

We name internships as "Intern - area of functionality" or "Intern - area they will be working in or learning about", i.e. 

Fall Intern - Talent Agency
Fall Intern - Office Admin
Summer Intern - Social Media
Spring Intern  - Film Production
Winter Intern  - Development
Intern to Writer

Seasonal internships  - If you are recruiting for the future vs an immediate hire, please add the season that you are recruiting for i.e. Summer Intern - Film TV Development

Paid vs Unpaid  - If an internship is Paid (minimum wage required), it will automatically have the Paid, prefix added i.e. Paid Intern - Music Management

If this is for an unpaid indie project, click here for clarification between an internship and a low/deferred/unpaid crew position. 

If you have any questions at all please let us know.

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