How do I Prepare for a Virtual Meeting/Interview?

Here are some How-To tutorials on how to use some of the more common video conferencing software:

Interviewing and meeting via Video

  • Use front lighting / avoid backlighting
  • Put the camera at the height of your hairline so it is looking slightly down (if using a laptop, use a box or books to raise your camera height)
  • When you are speaking look into the camera vs the picture on the screen or position the person you are speaking with just below the camera
  • Use a wireless or wired headset for best audio quality for you and the person/people you are meeting with
  • If this is new to you, practice it with a friend first.  If you don't have anyone to test with, we can help you.
  • If using Zoom there is a "touch up my appearance" feature, check it out.
  • Like anything new, it will take time to get better at it so practice and give yourself room to make mistakes - If you have a great tip for us to add, please let us know.
  • **updated** We just got a hilarious tip from someone this morning that just walked into the background of their wife's team meeting in his boxer shorts. So the tip is "Let everyone in the house know that you are on a video call"

9 Tips for Mastering Your next Virtual Interview

If you have found any other great resources we can share, please reach let us know.

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