Free Educational Resources

    We've compiled a list of some of the most popular free online educational resources below along with links to two articles featuring an extended list of free resources.  If you have found any other great resources we can share, please reach out to us.

    If your hours have been cut or you have been let go, let us know how we can help.  Here are some suggested education resources to pick up a new skill or polish up some old skills.

  • TedEd: Video-based lessons organized by subject and theme
  • EdX: Courses from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and more.
  • iTunesU: A variety of mix and match educational courses
  • Codeacademy: Specifically for learning coding
  • Coursera: Arts and Humanities, Computer Science, Personal Development and more
  • Babbel: Learn a new language
  • Phlearn: 30 Days of free Photoshop tutorials, also check out Phlearn's Youtube Channel
  • BBC Podcasts: Experts discuss world history, culture, and ideas
  • A user-friendly weekly design course
  • LinkedIn Learning: first month free, also potential free membership with LA City Library Card
  • General Assembly - A lot of techy courses but dig through to find some good general career development, educational and networking opportuniteis
  • Social Media Club - Regional Facebook groups.  Lots of education, networking, and career advice.  Websites below but get on the regional facebook group in your area.

Check out additional free educational websites in these two articles from

25 Killers Sites for Free Online Education

50 Free Online Resources for Self-Motivated Learners

If you have found any other great resources we can share, please reach out to us.

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