How can I advertise my career fair or job expo?

We have a few different ways to promote an event on the site, we have an events page. We also offer banner ads and newsletter advertising.

banner sky
Site Advertising: Example 1
Leaderboard ads at 728 x 90 pixels.
Skyscraper ads at 160 x 600 pixels.
Site Advertising: Example 2
Leaderboard ads at 728 x 90 pixels.
Rectangle ads at 300 x 250 pixels.
Newsletter Advertising
Our weekly newsletter is sent to over 25,000 double opt-in subscribers. 
Custom ad formats based on advertiser's needs
Standard Rates

Site Advertising
Run of Site starts at $5CPM 
Content Targeting starts at $10CPM

Newsletter Advertising
Starts at $150 per issue

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