How to whitelist an email or domain in Gmail

How to Whitelist a Sender or Domain in Gmail in 5 Easy Steps

Is mail from EntertainmentCareers.Net getting caught in your Gmail SPAM folder?

Here are steps to make sure you get all of our emails.

  1. Go to Gmail - Click the show search options downward-pointing triangle in your Gmail's main search field.
  2. Type the desired email address or domain under From. To whitelist an entire domain (all mail from an address ending in "", for example), type only the domain name or the domain name preceded by '@'. To whitelist "", for instance, type "" (not including the quotation marks).
  3. You can create a master filter for all the domains/email addresses you want - You do not have to create a separate filter for each address.

    Separate addresses with '|' in the From: field instead. To whitelist "" "" and "", enter "||", for example.
  4. Follow the Create filter with this search ››link at the bottom of the search sheet. - Make sure "Never send it to Spam" is checked.
  5. Click Create filter.
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