How did EntertainmentCareers.Net get started?

We frequently get asked, how long have you been around, who started EntertainmenetCareers.Net and how did all this happen?

Our Founder, Brad Hall was a producer when he started EntertainmentCareers.Net and he tells the 3-minute story in this interview to UCLA Media, Entertainment and Sports Summer Institute

The Q&A is indexed so you can jump to the good parts.

0:00 Introduction - Beverly Macy/Brad Hall
1:14 How did EntertainmentCareers.Net get started?
4:08 What is the Objective of EntertainmentCareers.Net?
7:18 What is the Importance of Networking?
11:42 What does the Job Search Environment Look Like Today (Spring 2021)?
17:26 Why attend Media, Entertainment and Sports Summer Institute?
22:33 How can a Student Stand Out in their Internship to Employers if Everything is Online?

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Brad Hall (B.A. ’91), founder of told Macy and prospective students how he conceived of the resource that has become the Hollywood standard for jobs and career information in entertainment, broadcasting and digital media. With the launch of the platform, Hall opened up and helped to diversify what had been perceived as a “closed” pipeline to entertainment industry careers.

Beverly Macy - Educator and author Beverly Macy advises strategy in entertainment and sports marketing, digital business transformation and emerging technology innovation. She has taught in the UCLA Anderson Center for MEMES’ Business of Media, Entertainment and Sports Summer Institute since 2013.

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