Dealing with Financial Anxiety

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TL;DR version

1. Accept the new normal
2. Face the fear and get the facts (print out two bank statements and highlight every outgoing amount to see where you're spending your $)
3. Move from being paralyzed to being proactive - take control and cancel anything you don't need, like subscriptions or gym memberships you're not using or can no longer afford. (Also call your landlord to see if you can get a rent reduction or delay OR mortgage company to see if you can get a freeze until things back on track. See if local government is offering relief and watch for federal hopefully to come. And seek out more expert advice from financial podcasts talking about the crisis. Remember that baby steps move you forward!)
4. Look at your bills/expenses as if they are your best friend's -- then give yourself the same supportive but tough love advice you'd give him or her about cutting back
5. You are not alone! EVERYONE is facing some level of crisis -- this isn't unique to you and we all need to do what is necessary to make it through. (There are people offering help -- ask for it. Ask for unemployment benefits, go to the food pantry. And ask for employment! If you need money, go get hired at all these companies that are hiring! She mentions Walmart, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Dominos, grocery store chains, check hospitals, call centers, janitorial and cleaning services. Or use Next Door to offer assistance for small fees.)
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